What is Custom Photo Lab?

The Philosophy.
Custom Photo Lab is exactly that: a custom photo lab. Open by appointment only, we are located at Fiskislóð 79 in Reykjavík, where we specialise in archaic practices such as hand processing of black and white film in all formats, and traditional black and white darkroom prints. We also grudgingly accept that we need to rewrite this to add an emphasis on some new stuff and not worry so much about this being a digital world — a Hasselblad X5 scanner and an Epson 9900 of course helping us forget that Kodachrome is dead and Agfa is gone. And being a Hahnemühle Certified Studio also helps, to be honest. Custom Photo Lab is owned and cared for by Stuart Richardson, an American photographer and printer who has lived, worked and studied in New York, Sapporo and Vladivostok, but likes Iceland much more. At Custom Photo Lab, he has assembled some of the best equipment in the world for developing and printing photos, which he puts to good use for people who are passionate about photography and want the best possible quality of work.
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Custom Photo Lab
Fiskislóð 79
101 Reykjavík

+354 551 7900

Open by appointment only.
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